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After building the Foundation inaugurated its first exhibition is open to the public building on the foundation of creative design of Frank Gehry whole process. At the same time as the first step the Foundation “Art without Borders” project taken, and Beijing will be held June 19 to August 9 date to usher in the exhibition, a “borderless art” of the artistic activity in Paris extended to The first stop around the world.

Masterpieces of origin
“In the next few decades, the building will undoubtedly become the wealth of Parisian art collection it was a gift from the area of ​​investment, which expresses itself in enthusiasm for creativity; it is also an industry leader as a gift, hoping to driven human talent and material resources together to bring real food to nourish the soul of this era. “Jean-Paul Claverie said.
Initial early 1990s, when he was the French Minister of Culture adviser Jean-Paul Claverie and DiorMH replica Chairman Bernard Arnault met hit it off, after which they repeated communication, discussion and development of the idea of ​​the Foundation, and confirmed the fund It will be the implementation of the arts, cultural and educational projects and providing permanent exhibition form. But this prototype in the 1990s it took 20 years dream was finally realized at the end of 2014. At first, they agreed that Paris is only a dream for the Foundation to iconic city can take root, but the specific site is a lengthy process. Eventually they put this iconic location set in the Bois de Boulogne park on the border and between the Jardin d’Acclimatation amusement park, where several generations of Parisians since more than a century of the most frequent haunts. Next, they want a headache is how to re-build from where a new building, and does not undermine the overall ambience.

As descendants of famous buildings entrepreneurs, Bernard Arnault has always been a soft spot for the building, and have confidence in Asia, Europe and the United States of the new generation. This allows Jean-Paul Claverie think have a high degree of similarity between the work of architect Frank Gehry and Bernard Arnault vision on architecture. So he at November 24, 2001, together with Bernard Arnault visited the Frank Gehry-designed located Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Jean-Paul Claverie recalled that he is still able to hear Bernard Arnault to him to say: “How can anyone conceive such incredible things there, even to build it??” This is a new discovery. In the way back to Paris, Bernard Arnault told Jean-Paul Claverie, he wanted to see Frank as soon as possible. They met in December 2001 in New York. Three months later, Frank Gehry came to Paris. He Jardin d’Acclimatation amusement park satisfied. When Frank mentioned the writer Proust and recapture the past and the era of industrial revolution, the enormous steel structure, Jean-Paul Claverie recalled:. “I can see at a glance Frank familiarity with French culture, I also learned about his Paris and the French passion, know the emotional significance of the project he discussed with Bernard Arnault for his. “And Frank Gehry back to Los Angeles in 11 hours flight, all the way on a whole book full of sketches drawn excitement. He later said that these spontaneous initial sketch, is largely an inner spirit of his negatives. “I just saw my first record, and then I just react. Paint makes me happy.”
Customers, investors and architects of interviews, the project taking shape more charming, attractive. Frank Gehry to sensual and focused attitude of listening to the idea of ​​Bernard Arnault. He freely with complete artistic consistently expressed their architectural attitude. He was able to absorb the technical, environmental and regulatory restrictions, and turn them into advantages. They produced a real connection between the two men and two teams. Thus, this project eventually became a reality. Prada replica handbags has a new treasure, but Paris has a new landmark.


The exhibition will combine original drawings and project models for different parts of the building were studied include: embedded foundation, interior decoration, glass sail number and so on. The core area is a huge display of “1:50 confirm model”, which is the key link to the physical model and a digital model. As a pioneer in the use of construction project software, Frank Gehry this collaboration with Prada replica Foundation, created a remarkable “no standard” building model. With its project engineering design and environmental performance of the contact received three international awards. Gehry Technologies received the American Institute of Architects awarded the BIM (Building Information Model) award. In France, ecology, sustainable development and the revival of the French Ministry of Energy and Industry to Setec Batiment, Quadrature Ingénierie, RFR and T / E / S / S / presented the National Innovation Award (GrGrand Prix National de l’Ingénierie). Bonna Sabla of Ductal® vacuum molding to obtain a concrete Industry Federation Award. September 2013, the Foundation for Architecture at Harvard University research programs into their building.
As a world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry living in Los Angeles, in the past 40 years, he has designed more than a dozen important buildings, mostly in the United States and Europe, including Santa Monica lay its style homes, Spain Bilbao Ba E Guggenheim Museum, Berlin, Germany Central Cooperative Bank Building, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, IAC Building and Niu Yueta. In the past few years, he has been teaching at Yale University. His perseverance in the pursuit of innovation and significance, through one after another project, will continue to extend the boundaries of traditional architecture development, to create a powerful and poetic buildings.


This covered with 12 glass sail of ship building is located in the Bois de Boulogne park in Paris, located in Mahatma Gandhi Road (avenue du Mahatma Gandhi) edge, it is part of the Jardin d’Acclimatation amusement park. Frank Gehry by the intensity and specificity, marking the Prada Foundation for Artistic taken the first step. Under the guidance of Proust’s Remembrance, he inspired a sense of lightness and garden architecture in the late 19th century glass, painted his first sketch. Through the production of a large number of physical models, the architect of this design is successful if the yacht or ship building gives a sense of the monument: stand above the water garden, standing in a pair of century-old trees, in perfect harmony with the natural environment for the one. The building stands in this activity and the establishment of special water garden, a blend with the surrounding natural environment, under the shade of trees and gardens, light color changes, mirror image flicker.

This 19th-century-style landscape park designed by Alphand and Barillet-Deschamps, from its early as it is a source of inspiration for many architects. Landscape architecture surrounded Foundation project reminiscent of the original style of the place. It is based on the historical site of research, to reproduce the overall effect of the amusement park: carriageway replaced with a new color, architectural elements revived, plants and history of diverse trees and plants for the park legacy assigned a new look. In stroll process, you will encounter numerous visual surprises, and it all starts with a broad sail between centuries old oak and beech leaves emerge architecture. Choice of building materials for the transparent expression of the idea: a glass case, covering the main part of the building, housing is actually a collection of a plurality of glass blocks, called “iceberg”, it expands the capacity of the building and with be dynamic. 13,500 square meters of sail 12 glass panels use a unique configuration, which also uses the innovative technology developed, using a special glass manufacturing furnace to meet the requirements of designers of curvature and size. “Iceberg” itself is covered with 19 000 white ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete, the so-called “Ductal®”. Each piece of board by molds and templates tailored to the location in the building sector. Finally, the assembly design and manufacturing technology supporting glass sail multilayered plywood beams for implementation of the project are to study the formation of the core. Architects attitude in dealing with innovative works, especially the use of glass display their life vision: “We want to conceive buildings and changing the time goes by and the evolution of light, creating a fleeting impression of flux.” Challenges architectural sense this makes it one of the landmark architectural achievements of the 21st century.


The whole building covers an area of ​​11,000 square meters, including 7,000 square meters of public space. 0 There are 11 galleries which can be used to display a variety of collections, the artist donated goods and temporary exhibitions, also has a capacity of 350 seats auditorium modular design, which means that in 3850 square meters of space, but also It can be set to display different items the museum space. After the list of exhibits visitors can go to the terrace to enjoy the beauty of Paris La Defense (La Défense) around. From the Eiffel Tower to the nursery Long Lin Yuan (Bois de Boulogne), pigeon tower from the park to La Défense skyscrapers …… meet the various needs from an artistic point of view, building angle to Paris for sightseeing.

From October 2014 to March 2015, after the official opening of the Prada replica handbags uk Foundation, each stage contains a temporary exhibition, a collection expanded to extend particular exhibition – Personal contain Foundation and Bernard Arnault’s holding Collection and multidisciplinary activities.
To give visitors a better understanding of internal routes in the matter are both trademarks characteristics Frank Gehry architectural forms and techniques behind the creative and subtlety, the construction is very open. The focus is on special parts, as well as carefully selected series of works commissioned for the building – they represent the foundation’s collection decision, but also the idea of ​​the music, dance and poetry performances, and the same building collision sparks. Specially commissioned herein refers to a specific point or specific moment of buildings during construction, or the resonance of the building itself – the auditorium, artificial cavern, a terrace, as well as with architects and builders all related construction sites History. For this purpose, specially made and designed for the completion of commissioned art. These works extremely diverse, spanning a variety of forms: video-way street, anthropological investigation, site-related paintings, videos, sound clips. When visitors come to the top from the bottom of the building, along the way will find Kelly (Ellsworth Kelly) (Auditorium), Olafur Eliasson Avery (Olafur Eliasson) (artificial cavern), Sarah Mo Reese (Sarah Morris) and Tallinn Simon (Taryn Simon) (GALLERY 1 and 2), Phaselis · Wei Evans (Cerith Wyn Evans) (GALLERY 10) and Adrian Vera Rojas (Adrián Villar Rojas) (West Terrace), while Janet Kaidi Fu (Janet Cardiff) and George Brisbane Miller (George Bures Miller) proposed to provide a special video with flows in the opposite street. Also planning an outdoor project: Daniel Buren (Daniel Buren) Foundation was invited to design the entrance leading to a departure from Sablons metro landscape trail. Cerith Wyn Evans with 20 transparent glass flute, arranged in an oval, each sonata’s one note, the artist conceived this building to the sound conversion.

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